Sun, sky, lake and new gear

Been fishin twice now since we got the new stuff. They need lots of practice casting, folks, but we have had a good time.

It was so beautiful. Days like today make me love Oregon. Perfect 75 degrees, easy breeze and smiles all around.




  1. Those are great! I absolutely love the last one :)


  2. ps, I've been reading back through my comments...

    yes we are a sonlighter :)

    Thanks for the kind words about my pictures - my hair is pretty thick - which gets uncomrtable in the sumer - living in such a hot place!

    your tabernacle study sounds interesting. I did a Beth Moore BIble Study on the tabernacle. It was neat!

    THanks for he prayers - it's been an ok week so far...

    And for the comment on my childrens spiritual is so true that God can reach people anytime , anywhere! ok, i have to go start breakfast now :)